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Feta Spinach Chicken Burgers

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


1 lb. Ground Chicken

1/4 Cup Crumbled Feta

1 Cup Spinach, frozen

1/2 Tsp Garlic Powder

1/2 Tsp Onion Power


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Form 6 round patties. Cook on stove top or grill, cooking about 6 minutes on each side over medium heat. Cook thoroughly, until no longer pink in the center. Serve as desired.

You can enjoy these burgers traditionally on a bun or chopped with rice and vegetables for a quick and easy lunch.

You can also prepare these ahead of time and keep them in your freezer for meals throughout the week!

Nutrition Facts per 1 burger 144 calories, <1g carb, 15g protein, 8.9g total fat, 3.2g saturated fat, 0.2g fiber, and 138 mg sodium.

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Sep 26, 2021

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