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The One With the Road Trip

So my obsession with this television sitcom has officially come to an all time peak. This past week my husband and I drove all the way to NYC from Grand Haven, MI just to experience this event. Was it worth it? Absolutely. 

Besides sharing with you our photos of the trip, I thought I would also share with you my experience of eating! 

I know I’m not alone in feeling stressed by food while on a vacation. Things are not controllable, you can’t make your own food most of the time, and nutrition facts available? Forget it. How are we supposed to make good choices while still enjoying the trip? Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Here are my Top 3 Travel Tips for Healthy Eating:

1. Make one meal per day a priority to include a high quality protein, fiber, and a healthy fat. What could that look like? 

- Grilled chicken breast, grilled/steamed veggies, avocado slices (maybe create a chicken sandwich with veggies on the side?)

- A fresh dinner salad with chicken or steak, lots of veggies, and healthy fat like diced avocado or walnuts/almonds. Even Mcdonalds has a salad option with all of these options.

- Maybe a burrito bowl with chicken/steak, brown rice & beans, grilled veggies, & guac

If you look for it, you can find it no matter where you’re dining! And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect

Why do I recommend this? Having at least one balanced meal will keep you full & energized during a long day of traveling, feeling satisfied to prevent unnecessary snacking, and fiber to keep things moving (because honestly, who wants to deal with bloating/constipation during a vacation? ugh)

2. Choose 1 treat per day! 

Vacations are meant to enjoy and that includes desserts and treats without guilt. Does this mean eating a giant portion in order to fulfill this desire? NO. Let’s be real, most desserts and sizes are crazy large! Although very possible to devour such portions, it’s just as possible to feel uneasy afterwards and most likely regret it. Instead, consider the small/child size option or split with a friend, you’ll satisfy your craving and keep your digestion feeling optimal. You want to feel your best and that includes not over doing it, vacation or even at home.

3. Pack Snacks!

If you’re road tripping like we did, I don’t like only having McDonalds or gas stations as my snack options all day. Same goes for destination days. I don’t always want to buy meals and snacks on the go and the options can be really high in calories, sugar, & fat. Pack a bag full of healthy snack options for the car and your travel bag for your trip!

Here’s my go-tos:

- Perfect bars

- Rx bars

- Lara bars

- Mini rice cakes

- Jar of peanut butter with pretzels (for the car)

- Cuties

- Pre-popped popcorn

- Jerky

- Homemade trail-mix (dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips)

Having these snacks on hand not only can save you some cash, but allow you to have better-for-you options on hand to keep you feeling good your whole trip!

Now please, enjoy our nerdy photos enjoying this F.R.I.E.N.D.S. experience, all while not stressing about food for one minute!

Stay nourished,

Elle Merrill

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