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The One With the Cues

You probably hear it all the time: 

“Listen to your body”

“Be mindful when you eat”

“Honor your hunger”

“Listen to your brain and gut connection”

But really, what the heck does that all mean?

It must be what Rachel and Phoebe were thinking when Ross is telling them that they must achieve UNAGI. Um what?

As Ross would go

on to explain, ‘Unagi’ is a state of total awareness and something that is very difficult to achieve and can only be mastered with great skill. However, we later find out that Ross doesn’t quite have this concept nailed after all... 

But let’s translate this concept of ‘Unagi’ to nutrition, because achieving a relationship with food that allows you to become much more aware of what your body needs and wants is VERY possible!

→ Being able to eat any and all foods (expect ones that you are allergic/intolerant to) that you truly want to have and still reach your goals and feel good is possible. 

→ Not worrying about counting calories and weighing portions and still lose weight is possible.

→ Not worrying about only eating foods at certain times of day is possible.

One of the biggest concepts that makes these “fantasy” scenarios become a reality is listening to your hunger and fullness cues. 

When you sit down to eat, ask yourself how hungry you are while portioning it out. During your meal, ask yourself how satisfied you are becoming, At what point could you walk away and know that you won’t miss not eating anything more. It’s about listening to what your body needs in terms of caloric energy, but also taste satisfaction! Remember friends, food is not just fuel for our body, it’s an experience and a huge part of our life. If food was really just an energy source, why would there be so many delicious flavors and textures and emotional connections? 

It you want a piece of cake, great! But ask yourself, will I keep feeling my best if I have some? If you will, have some! But then also ask yourself: how much do I need to be satisfied? Only a few bites? Start with that. A whole piece? Go for it. It’s all about listening to the cues our body gives us that our busy schedules and fast paced life often ignore. 

The big takeaway: Your body will tell you EXACTLY what it needs every single day! So listen to those cues, and achieve what Ross would refer to as ‘Unagi’. 

Do you have questions about this concept? Want to become more in tune with these cues that I’m talking about? Don’t hesitate to reach out through our website or direct message on facebook/instagram. 

Stay nourished,

Elle Merrill

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