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Diet Coke: Drink it or Ditch it?

So what’s the deal with Diet Coke? Harmful or healthy? Drink it or ditch it?

The big culprit with Diet Coke is aspartame, an artificial sweetener. The rumors about aspartame have been around awhile, including its relation to cancer and other health problems. Most recently, a study was published using rats as subjects which suggested that aspartame might increase the risk of blood-related cancers. Question was raised afterwards however, as the data was obtained from rats, not humans.

Among current epidemiological studies (or studies including groups of actual people) the link between aspartame and cancer do not show a consistent link.

The Food and Drug Administration has determined that the use of aspartame as a general purpose sweetener is safe. “Aspartame is one of the most exhaustively studied substances in the human food supply, with more than 100 studies supporting its safety.”

Furthermore, the European Food Safety Authority states “studies do not suggest an increased risk associated with a variety of cancers, including brain, lymphatic, and blood cancers.”

What does hold true with aspartame is its possibility to cause minor gastrointestinal upset in large portions, as with any artificial sweetener. Furthermore, any acidic containing beverage like Diet Coke can be of concern related to optimal dental health if consumed in large portions regularly.

So what’s the verdict? If you prefer to skip the diet soda or aspartame containing products, that is your choice! However, if you enjoy a Diet Coke sometimes, by all means include it in your balanced lifestyle.

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