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An Enlightened Nutrition Christmas List

Hey friends! I'm in the Christmas spirit and thought I would share some gift ideas for friends/family who love to cook, live a healthy lifestyle, or you consider a "health nut"! Some of these are personally on my own list, so hint hint ;)

This is super handy for anyone, an avid cook or not. When cooking up ground beef, turkey, or chicken, it saves so much time and hassle from just using a regular spatula. A great stocking stuffer!

This is on my list! I'm sick of trying to figure out the best way to boil an egg and people have told me to just get one of these instead! If you have someone on your list who likes little gadgets, this is great!

I always said I didn't need one of these, but you know what? I think I need it. I see so many soup recipes that would make this tool so handy. It's on my list!

I have several of this line of cookbooks and they are all great! So many delicious recipes that apply the principles our team of dietitians teach over and over again when it comes to meal building! Protein, fat, & fiber focused recipes that are quick and easy. Love it!

This is a must have for me now, especially during the summer months. You can make a batch of cold brew to have all week long, especially with the 2 quart size. Talk about saving money from those Starbuck runs too! A great gift for any coffee lover!

I received a bundle of Norwex products as a wedding gift and I love them! I use the Enviro cloth everyday, along with the dusting mitt and glass cleaner cloth often. They are self cleaning and don't require any other cleaning products. Not only does it prevent me from using extra chemicals in my kitchen, I honestly save a ton of money on cleaning solutions and paper towels! I have no affiliations with the company, but have just been really impressed! If you know a rep who is selling during this time I'm sure they would appreciate it!

I received my Instant Pot as a gift about 5 years ago and it has definitely been put to good use. Most recently, it's awesome for a quick applesauce batch, but I use it for frozen chicken, soups, and much more! It's always great for one pot cooking as well. There's a ton more I could try still! If you don't have one yet, put it on your list!

I was hesitant to purchase one of these about 2 years ago and boy was I not disappointed. I use it several times a week. It's amazing for heating up leftovers too. I own the one linked and love it. Perfect for any cook, or even someone with a busy schedule! It saves so much time from oven cooking veggies.

This bad boy is definitely on my list, but I can't justify getting it since I already have the Instant Pot and AirFryer! Maybe someday. It looks super handy and versatile!

The perfect gift for a friend or family member ready to work on their relationship with food, start a healthy weight loss journey, and much more! Adding a Registered Dietitian to the life of a loved one could be life changing and make their 2021 the best year yet. Our private coaching application is always open, but if you're interested in purchasing a packaging for someone else, contact

Happy Christmas Shopping Friends!

- Elle

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I'd like more information on the Norwex products. We have a Ninja Foodie 6.5 quart and LOVE it! It's a pressure cooker, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, bake/broiler.

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