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It's That Time of Year...

Can you feel it? The season of resolutions is upon us my friends.

So what does that mean for you? What do you want your year of 2020 to look like? Do you want to try the latest diet (again), or put all your hope and faith into that one instagram influencer? Are you going to get caught in the never ending cycle of diets, the rollarcoaster that is your relationship with food?

OR do you want to finally make peace with your body, your mindset when it comes to nutrition, and your reasons WHY you want to improve your health? Do you want to have a solid foundational understanding of nutrition for healthy weight loss? One that you can literally refer back to the rest of your life? (hello bang for your buck!$$)

Let's be honest, you can find nutrition information EVERYWHERE! Enlightened Nutrition isn't a special source about healthy eating, because there are so many beyond belief. What we are that can be hard to find is a team Registered Dietitians focused on providing you with APPLICATION & ACCOUNTABILITY that is missing from the programs and the diets you've tried before.

Our upcoming program "An Enlightened New Year" will not only set the tone for the new decade, but the REST OF YOUR LIFE. That's a pretty big statement, but we firmly believe it. We've created this 3 week program to provide you with the missing information that you need to make progress towards your goals. Not to mention 24/7 access to a dietitian (you won't find this anywhere else). Plus so much more!

Check out all the details at:

& watch this video too:

It's time for a new approach towards your wellness, try ours this January and beyond!

Talk soon,

Your Enlightened Nutrition Team

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