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If you’re ready to help your employees meet their lifestyle and nutrition goals, improve productivity, decrease absenteeism (due to illness), prevent chronic disease progression, and help reduce health care costs across the board for the company, watch this video!


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11 Nutrition Services.png
A learning environment that encourages growth towards one unified goal: weight loss, blood sugar management, etc.
Learn how to navigate the grocery store and build a goal supportive shopping list
Additional meal prep demo's released weekly
Check in's sent through Healthie portal
6 virtual trainings by a registered dietitian
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Although we all are Registered Dietitians individually, together, we cover a multitude of specialties. In order to earn our credentials, we have completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees, internship programs, and completion of national boards. We hold a high standard in our continuing education in order to provide the best support we can to you. We mold science and research into realistic, simple recommendations to help participants reach their nutrition goals while living life to the fullest. 

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Enlightened Nutrition will help make marketing a breeze! Our team will reach out to employees for an efficient and timely sign up process over the first 2 weeks using emails. For any employees that do not sign up with the email campaigns, we will reach out with a phone call during weeks 3 and 4 to help them connect and register for the trainings available to them.

Participants will have access to trainings. The trainings are self guided and it will be the responsibility of the participant to remain engaged. Each module will activate weekly depending on the program selected by the company.

Upon completion of the 3 month employee engagement, there will be a series of emails that help wrap up the experience with our team. These emails will include upcoming programs that are offered, a survey to evaluate impact, and our direct contact information for any remaining questions or insight.


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