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Weight Management

If you've tried every diet, supplement and method that you've read about online, but are still frustrated with your weight, then you are in the right place! 

What makes our team different?

Enlightened Nutrition focuses on removing the rules that typical diet culture has reinforced. We pull away the restrictions and the all or nothing mindset. Instead, we focus on adding healthful nutrients and balancing your meals and snacks to promote ideal metabolism. We design packages to ensure that you are able to reach your weight goals in a realistic, sustainable way. Every package is individualized towards your specific needs and lifestyle.



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Weekly Telehealth sessions using the Healthie portal
24/7 messaging access for questions and support
Unlimited meal and activity logging for dietitian review
Meal and snack ideas to support your goals
Behavior modification strategies that are individualized 
PDF materials, recipes, meal guides, and more

What's included in a package?

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You ARE a good fit if:

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You are NOT a good fit if:

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So what does the process look like?

Click to fill out a
private coaching application and then you'll here from a member of our team soon with more information and package pricing.

Not ready to work with a dietitian 1:1 yet? Click below to check out our virtual, group program:
The Foundations Program. 

Interested, but have questions?

Reach out to us for more info!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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